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"Compare a couple of cuts from Ascot to what you usually buy at 'The Jewel' and you will be a convert."

Brian C., Chicago, IL

Old school butcher with new school ideas. Love this place!
— Kevin K., Park Ridge, IL
This shop is just a few blocks away from my home. When I walked in I was immediately greeted and informed about the meat quality and gluten free commitment that the owners have. I was promptly escorted to the lamb section upon request. These people want and deserve my business.
— Brittney T., Prospect Heights, IL
Really doesn’t get much better! I have a 40 minute drive, but worth the ride! Service and products are top notch!
— Ken R., Elmhurt, IL
Just grilled the best steaks of my life, hands down! The quality of meat is exceptional, and the service provided behind the counter was top-notch. Driven by here many times and so glad I finally stopped in. Highly recommended!
— Jeremy S., Chicago, IL
The meat quality is excellent, but what brings me back are their homemade entrees and sides. The bacon wrapped, stuffed pork tenderloin is a particular favorite of mine. The cheesy pesto garlic bread, twice baked potatoes, and paper bag apple pie are regular freezer stuffer items I buy as well.
— Brian C., Chicago, IL
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"It's so nice to have a small butcher nearby.  It's so much better than a grocery store and the meat is the same quality as a high-end restaurant."

-Michael D., Bel Air, MD

Saw this place on Yelp with 5 stars. It totally deserves that. A cozy little place with enough variety but not too overwhelming. Just had the pork chops and they were top notch.
— Nicholas B., Battle Creek, MI
Fantastic quality meat and a great staff. Every time I walk into Ascot I feel welcomed. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and will always provide suggestions and address questions appropriately. I suggest trying the marinated skirt steak, Jack Daniels Apple marinated pork chops, filet mignon, chicken burgers, beef burgers, and kebabs. All phenomenal!
— Keith H., Mount Prospect, IL
Never gotten anything bad from them! Love their Italian Beef. Grilled some steaks last week and they were great. Nice to have a neighborhood place. It is our “go to” butcher.
— Fred A., Chicago, IL
It’s so nice to have a small butcher nearby. It’s so much better than a grocery store and the meat is the same quality as a high-end restaurant.
— Michael H., Bel Air, MD

""Ascot has been in the neighborhood since I was a tot.  Anybody from the area knows of them and the consistent quality of their products.  I now live 35 miles away and I still make a point to treat myself to the kabobs and marinated skirt steak, among the various specialties that my taste buds hold so dear.  I know this is really gushing, but it's just that way!"

-James B., Antioch, IL

This place is amazing.  You drive by all the time and think ‘oh, it’s a hole in the wall,’ or ‘maybe too expensive,’ but both are untrue.  I dare you to find a better grill burger at a better price than Ascot.  Overall a great place to shop and I get out of there for a lot less money than I do at Jewel.”
— Kevin C., Prospect Heights, IL
In this day and age, the idea of the neighborhood anything has gone by the wayside. So I was more than surprised when I happened upon this neighborhood gem. Ascot has high quality meats at moderate prices. The great thing about local places is that they know you and know what you like.
— Julie G., Prospect Heights, IL